Nothing will ever be handed to you on a silver plater. If there is anything you ever wanted..... you need to get up and get it yourself. Dont wait and pray life will get easier, if life fucks with you FUCK it right back....HIDDEN_TRUTH

Stand up M’Fsss!!

As the days come to past I begin to give up on humanity. We have become so weak minded and selfish. No one has the strength to put aside their selfish needs and realize what is going on in this world. We only care about our selves, so much can change if we can stick together as one instead of fighting one another!!!! Stop caring if other people think your weird because you choose to be different. Just step out of the box and make a difference.

Todays topic is FREEDOM

Speaking your mind shouldn’t be that difficult …..once you stop GIVING A FUCK.

So I got bored AGAIN…(Nothing new) and started doodling (yes, I have nothing at all to do with myself) then it hit me… Sex and anger are highly similar…it builds and builds and builds up until you finally explode…..don’t ask how I know…(Just know I get angry a lot). Lol

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My favorite words during a great hangover

My favorite words during a great hangover

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